• Classes

    Check out our classes for kids from 16 months through 8 years
  • Looking for an action packed, social, and creative music class? Our classes teach the elements of music through singing, playing, exploring, and moving.   

  • All of our programs are inviting, joyful, active participatory, age-appropriate and well planned.  As your child matures, subsequent levels of instruction grows more complex and varied. Each level is designed for the age and abilities of your child.

    • Awakenings
      accompanied by an adult
      • 16 mos - 3.5
      • 10
        Class Size
    • Pathways Orff Class
      includes keyboard
      • 3.5 - 5.5
      • 12 -14
        Class Size
    • Short Adventures Orff Class
      includes keyboard
      • 5.5 - 6
      • 8
        Class Size
    • Adventures Orff Class
      includes keyboard and recorder
      • 1 - 3
      • 16
        Class Size

Our Covid Health Plan

Smaller classes of parents, caregivers, and children, will come together for some musical fun! To keep everyone safe, masks will be mandatory for ages 2 and up. Handwashing/sanitizing will be required before, during, and after class, as well as physical distancing at all times. Participating adults will be required to submit proof of vaccination prior to the start of their child’s first class.